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Tonight our Lunar Goddess wanes from the watery depths of Scorpio into the fiery realms of Sagittarius and enters the Mansion known as “Two Paths” which is ruled by the Moon and Jupiter. Today’s Lunar energy invites us to get ready for new experiences both internally and externally. It is a time where we may find ourselves skyrocketing headlong into the unknown, though if we have been doing the internal work we may rest assured that the unknown is manifesting into brilliance. With the lingering energy of Scorpio we may be feeling the risidual aches and pains from old heartaches and lessons rising to the surface. Fear not, this is not you getting sucked into the past. This is about you fully honoring the experience of everywhere that you have been to allow yourself to make room

energetically for new experiences. After all, this is what winter is all about, shedding those dead leaves so that

our branches may be full of spring flowers when the time comes.

This is a good time to write a love letter to yourself. In that letter show compassion and gratitude to yourself for making it this far in the journey. Forgive yourself for any instance where you may still be casting the blame on yourself or others for your experiences. No matter who was at fault, you still experienced it right? So, the

Invitation here is to show yourself the power of unconditional self love. From there we can honor the energy of the “Two Paths” Mansion by allowing ourselves to get very specific about where we want this next part of the journey to lead. While the energy of Scorpio may want us to slip into repetitious patterns, Sagittarius invites you to dive into the spontaneous and unknown. Get vibrant, get imaginative and most importantly get specific! This journey is yours, make it magnificent. Of course this may require that some things must be left in the death of winter. Simply close your eyes and imagine what parts of your current world truly belong in the blooming of your springtime. If you don’t see it, don’t bring it.

Love, Kismet


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