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Today our moon wanes its way into its natural home in the watery realms of Cancer. While the moon wanes in this sign it’s energy invites us to hone in on our commitments, uncovering within ourselves what it truly means to be dedicated. Whether it be to ourselves, our goals, or to loved ones we are invited to uncover where our heart truly lies. If you find passion waning in areas that you’ve committed yourself to, rather than throwing in the towel, this is the time to infuse it with even deeper love. Changing up your routine, stepping out of your comfort zones, opening up new dialogues and expressing yourself transparently are golden ways to invigorate yourself and your commitments. Cancer energy asks us to love ourself enough to think of others and love others enough to think of ourselves. With that being said we must remember that we won’t always feel fire and motivation burning in our bellies which is why we must learn the power of committed dedicated. Tonight’s Mansion is the “Knight” which Pluto rules in unison with the Moon.

Pluto is the planet of transformative power and the Moon’s feminine energy is nurturing and protective. When these two come together the invitation is this, How can we fully acknowledge the areas in our life where we use the power of transformation to release old story lines all the while treating ourselves with the nurturing compassion of the Divine Mother?

Remember, to hold yourself accountable and to look upon yourself without bias is a true act of self love. Self love isn’t about pretending you’re all roses when you know internally there are a few weeds that need to be pulled. Self love means being a willing gardener.


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