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Today our Lunar Goddess continues to wane in the form of a Gibbous moon in the sign of Libra. Today’s Mansion is known was the “Bouquet” which is ruled by Venus and Uranus. Whenever the energy of Uranus is present we are urged to expect the unexpected and be open to the embrace of the wild unknown. This energy coming together with the highly sensuous energy of Venus invites us to reinvigorate our personal world & relationships with vitality by allowing ourself to be led by the pull of fantasy into a space where we can smash through ceilings of limitation, and then find ourselves landing softly in spaces of greater intimacy. Now is the time to drop all barriers that may be keeping us from tasting true pleasure and intimacy with those we love. Note that “those we love” should also encompass the relationship you have with yourself. Worry not about judgment, strive to release insecurity with the knowing that nobody is perfect and it is our flaws and their radiant uniqueness that make us worth getting to know and delving into. imagine that fear & judgement were non existent, what would be the first thing you did to embrace your wild side? How would you let your freak flag fly? Today, be brave and take the lead in being rare, raw and real. You just may be surprised to see how much more comfortable, more pleasurable and more fulfilling life suddenly becomes.

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