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Just after reaching her fullest state tonight our Lunar Goddess reigns as a Waning Gibbous in the sign of Virgo. Tonight’s Mansion is the “Altar” which is ruled by Mercury and Saturn. When these two planets come together the energy is focused highly on the mental realms. The invitation is to take the passenger seat within our own mind to observe the way our thoughts unfold naturally. The goal here is to discern which thought patterns are beneficial for our continued growth & our sense of awareness and importance in our world vs which thoughts are a broken record of outdated patterns and belief systems. Virgo is the sign that rules over details, harness the all seeing energy of this mutable sign to make sure that intrusive thoughts aren’t slipping through the cracks and masquerading as a vital part of your thought stream. An Altar is a sacred space where you can connect and offer reverence to the divine and anything else you love deeply. Today, think of your mind as an Altar, one to fill with your unique visions of universal love and understanding. Clear away the dust, let the sunlight in and let love reign.


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