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Tonight our Lunar Goddess enters Scorpio in the form of a Waning Gibbous. While the Moon reigns in the watery depths of Scorpio the energy naturally shifts to the transformative power found through the understanding of ones own inner emotional realms. Tonight’s Mansion is known as the “Sword” which is ruled by Mercury and Pluto. Scorpio’s ruler Pluto encompasses the power of transformation through self realization while Mercurial energy highlights pinpointing the details that can easily go unnoticed when we aren’t mindful. For me the energy of the “Sword”has a powerful archetypal link to discernment & the need to use it unapologetically on ones path. We are asked to evaluate the things we nurture with the question in mind, does this really belong? Or am I perhaps perpetuating storylines that don’t actually carry resonance? From a place of transparency with the self we are asked to lay down the sword and sever ties from anything that muddies the water of our rivers of emotion. Whether it be an environment, a relationship or a concept you need to sever from, today, be sure to choose your soul, your peace and your happiness over appearances.


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