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Tonight our Lunar Goddess finishes out her reign in the sign of Aries in a Mansion known as “Palace” which is ruled by Jupiter and Venus. With expansive Jupiter coming together with sensuous Venus the energy of the day has the potential to leave us feeling inspired by our dreams and current plans to a point nearing arousal. The energy of the day invites us to seek the pleasure in all that we do. Knowing that as we sink deeper into bliss so do we seek deeper into inspiration and overall fulfillment. Pleasure is one of the most important aspects of both creation and manifestation. Often it’s the experiencing of pleasure and unfiltered joy that is the final energetic push needed to draw your vision into your reality as if my magnetic force.

Today be sure to envision your life through the lenses of sensuous expectation rather than through the rigidity of logic. Ask yourself, “what can I do today that will bring me the most bliss? The most Earthly satisfaction? The most spiritual satisfaction?” As you swim in the the seas of your personal pleasure remember to do so with intention, speak words of affirmation towards yourself and your desires. Envision yourself receiving bountiful blessings whilst you enjoy the stimulation of your chosen euphoria.


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