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Tonight our Lunar Goddess ventures from the watery realms of Pisces into the fiery territory of Aries. Just like that the energy shifts from dreamy and abundant in fantasy to a space where we are invited to create from a center of decisive action. Think of the time spent in Pisces as an embodiment of Feminine energy and now we are asked to embody our masculine strengths. Tonight’s Mansion is the very first in the Mansion Cycle and known as the “Volcano” which is ruled by Mars and the Sun. The energy here is ripe for creative explosion and initiation, especially if you honored the preparation spent in the realm of Pisces imagination the last couple days. The push here is to act on impulse when it comes to creation. Honor your passion relentlessly at this time. Ask yourself what steps need to be taken to take a vision and plant it into the Earth as the seed. From there discern how much Sun (action) and how much water (surrender) it needs to thrive.

While in Aries energy the tone for creation & manifestation is set for the rest of the Lunar Mansion cycle. I invite you to start this cycle off with a bang. How can you demolish comfort zones for the sake of creation and fulfillment? How can limiting beliefs be annihilated for the sake of abundant living?

Now is the time to trust your inner fire and let it blaze a path of creative control & freedom.


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