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Tonight our Lunar Goddess continues as a Waxing Gibbous now moving from Cancer into the sign of heart fire, Leo.

Tonight’s Mansion is known as the “Fountain” and is ruled by Neptune and the Sun. With the Sun’s energy being highly creative and imaginative & Neptune being a planet that highlights the expansion of the imagination, tonight’s focus is the recognition of our own unique skills and talents. We are invited to look inwards and see with clarity the unique colors of our soul and the way they uniquely add vibrancy to the world around us. From here the push is to use this gathered information to infuse your current endeavors with greater commitment in the knowing that you are using your gifts for their highest good. Leo energy encompasses the heights of potential when it comes to giving loving dedication to a goal. This is an extremely fortuitous time to harness the Heart Fire of Leo energy and allow its warmth to wash over you in celebration for all of your divine worth. Embrace the gifts that have been bestowed upon you, unearth the desire to nourish those gifts even deeper and continue onwards in manifesting the the journey of your dreams.


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