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Tonight our Lunar Goddess waxes as a Gibbous Moon into the sign of Cancer. With the moon leaving behind the mercurial energy of Gemini and entering its watery home turf of Cancer the focus shifts dramatically from external communication to internal realizations. Tonight’s Mansion is known as the “Knight” which is ruled by the Moon and Pluto. The energy of tonight’s lunar magic invites us to harness the powerfully transformative energy of Pluto to bare witness to our emotional realms with a willingness to release all that has grown stagnant or pollutes an otherwise clear flow of emotional transparency.

A willingness to be at your most open with yourself is key here. The objective is to discern whether or not every thing we hold close to our heart actually has a place in that sacred center. Perhaps we have connections we have outgrown, or storylines that are so outdated that they don’t even line up energetically with the life we wish to create for ourself. The most crucial push is to accept any lingering debris of trauma or heartache, accept it into the light for healing for the purpose of transmuting the situation into useable energy.

This would be an immensely powerful time for an act of soul reclamation. To do so you would simply need to pinpoint a situation, environment or relationship in which you feel a lot of energy was depleted from you. From there stand in a declaration of power, either internally or externally is fine, with the intention of calling all parts of yourself back home to you. After a reclamation I personally like to make a small offering to nature. It could be in the form of a crystal, charm or any other small talisman of resonance to you.

For anyone looking to reclaim lost energy I will include a sample of what a statement of reclamation May sound like.

“From this place

I call back all fragments of my essence,

I call all of my power back into my body and infuse the love of the divine. I stand in gratitude for the lessons I have received but in this moment I reclaim my right to wholeness. Here in my wholeness I stand, willingly I release all connections that deplete me of my natural radiance, my natural essence. In this freedom I am completely my own. And so it is”


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