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When things don’t go according to plan it can be easy to fall under the illusion that one is “stuck” or “being held back.” The energy of “Way Through” invites us to recognize that to be stuck is only to be stuck by ones own perception of the situation. In truth the only things that really hold us back in situations that we deem stagnant are our perceptions or the limiting belief systems that we are subscribing to. A dead end may be a push to think in ways you never have before which leads to outcomes that break the mold of outdated patterns. A rejection could be the gateway into an even more spectacular opportunity. By allowing ourselves to sink into the simple truth that every derailment of our original plan is an opportunity to ascend to experiences with greater magnitude we can find a way through all the moments of anger and frustration towards the universe, and instead surrender into the divine plan.

Today, if you find yourself meeting inexplicable frustration and dead ends rather than try to force the situation to meet your needs way through invites you to turn your attention inward and see if perhaps the guiding light you were looking for was within all along.

The soul has an internal compass that leads it situations are the most fitting for it to live a fruitful existence. As humans we have a predilection to put ourselves in situations that the ego recognizes as beneficial but in truth does little for the soul. In moments such as these the soul will rebel and the universe will send you detours to help you remember the path of destiny which you may have strayed from.

So, if you find you can’t seem to move forward look inward and be absolutely certain that on a soul level that what you are trying to create is what your soul truly wants. If you decide that it is and your manifestation has yes to become physical it is the moment to open up in conversation with the Divine. From a place of objectivity ask and discern if they have different timing than you do. Perhaps in your story you are focused on something due to happen in chapter 6 when chapter 4 is still in progress, perhaps you’re in a period where the divine wants you to slow down, rest and replenish before a period of fire and adventure. Truly there could be an infinite amount of reasons why something isn’t going exactly the way that we would like it but one thing is for certain and that is that the Divine makes every move on our behalf with purpose. Even the darkest moment has sugar hidden in the shit. Be patient, everything in divine timing. In the mean time dedicate your energy to being ready to receive everything you’re asking for. Also, check in with your inner child perhaps they need some TLC before the next big adventure.


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